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Go here:
and then Choose Opportunity 1, “Partner with Paul.”

Posted 3 months ago

Make Money at Home - Get Started Tonite - Free to Start

1. Go here:
2. Choose Opportunity 1, Partner with Paul.
3. Fill out the bottom of the first page.
4. When you get to page 2, buy nothing, go to the complete bottom …and click on the “affiliate” tab.
5. Fill out that page…and then you’re immediately a member…

You will get an affiliate number and you can begin to promote the opportunity. For each person that goes thru the motions, you’ll get paid between $2.25 - $5.00 for each new sign up.

I make money every friday.
Inbox me if you have any questions.

Posted 4 months ago

Make Money at Home! Start tonight…earn every friday…choose option 1:

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